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The issues evinced during the brainstorming sessions at the 3rd German BioImaging meeting in Fulda July 2012 were organized in tasks and these were assigned to workgroups. Each workgroup has a speaker (in italics letters) who refers to the GerBI office in Konstanz. If you want to contribute to one of the workgroups, please contact the corresponding speaker.

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Workgroup 1 Master Plan

Topic: Master Plan for how to set up and run a biological imaging facility. Includes: Operation and access rules, user management and scheduling systems, instrument / staff ratio, user numbers /staff ratio, how to acknowledge facility work properly, etc.

Workgroup members: Roland Nitschke, Jürgen Neumann, Silke White, Hella Hartmann, Felix Bestvater, Anje Sporbert, Stefan Terjung, Werner Zuschratter

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Workgroup 2 Financial and legal framework

Topic: Financial and legal framework. Includes: Calculation of fees, cost models (maintanance, warranties); beware of institutional differences! Needs lobbying, communication, to speak with one voice

Workgroup members: Jan Peychl, Hella Hartmann, Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters, Bernd Märtens

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Workgroup 3 Identify new strategies / funding schemes

Topic: Identify new strategies / funding schemes (e.g. DFG pays for fees directly). Clarify position of German facilities in the context of the german / european roadmaps. Also includes lobbying & communication.

Workgroup members: Elisa May, Angelika Rück, Ines Kaiser, Reinhard Rachel (EM)

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Workgroup 4 Training of facility staff

Topic: Training of facility staff: professional education and career perspectives for core facility staff

Workgroup members: Stefan Terjung, Andreas Vonderheit, Werner Zuschratter, Anje Sporbert, Roland Nitschke, Michael Laue (EM)

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Workgroup 5 Training of facility users

Topic: Training of facility users, „drivers license“, make an inventory of exisiting acitivities, post them to website. On tasks 4 and 5 need to interact with EuBI training workpackage.

Workgroup members: Christian Liebig, Hans Fried, Astrid Schauss, Steffen Dietzel, Silke White, Carmen Hauser

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Workgroup 6 Image Analysis

Topic: Image Analysis (this workgroup was finalized on Tuesday after Jan Peychl´s presentation)

Workgroup members: Stefan Helfrich, Qi Gao, Anna Klemm, Dorit Merhof, Kota Miura, Jan Peychl, Angelos Skodras, Pavel Tomancak

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To Image Analysis Survey which has been made available by Workgroup 6

Workgroup 7 Microscope Specifications and Standardized Measurements

Topic: Specifications a Microscope should fulfill and reproducible measurements that show it does.

Workgroup members: Hans Fried, Steffen Dietzel, Peter Hemmerich, Roland Nitschke, Sandra Ritz, Anje Sporbert, Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters, Werner Zuschratter.

This group was founded in July 2014.