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Entities using technique 2-photon Scanning Confocal (2-P)
ALM MDC BerlinAdvanced Light Microscopy Technology PlatformBerlinCanonical Facility
ALMAALMA Advanced Light Microscopy AachenAachenMicroscopy Research Group
AMBIOAdvanced Medical Bioimaging Core Facility of the Charite Universitätsmedizin - AMBIOBerlinCanonical Facility
BioDIP DZNE Imaging PlatformLight Microscopy Facility of the DZNE DresdenDresdenCanonical Facility
BioDIP LMF BIOTEC/CRTDCMCB Light Microscopy FacilityDresdenCanonical Facility
BioDIP LMF MPI-CBGLight Microsopy Facility of the MPI-CBG DresdenDresdenCanonical Facility
Biomedical Center (BMC) at the LMU MünchenCore Facility Bioimaging at the Biomedical Center (BMC)Planegg-MartinsriedCanonical Facility
CECAD CologneCECAD (Excellence Cluster for Aging Research), University of CologneCologneCanonical Facility
Cardoso-Lab DarmstadtTechnische Universität DarmstadtDarmstadtMicroscopy Research Group
Center for translational Imaging (MoMAN)Center for translational Imaging (MoMAN), Ulm UniversityUlmCanonical Facility
Core Facility Live Cell Imaging Mannheim, LIMACore Facility Live Cell Imaging Mannheim, LIMAMannheimCanonical Facility
DZIF Imaging PlatformInfectious Diseases Imaging Platform (IDIP)HeidelbergResearch Group and Facility
EMBL-ALMFAdvanced Light Microscopy Facility (ALMF), EMBLHeidelbergCanonical Facility
Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPTFraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPTAachenResearch Group and Facility
HIH TuebingenHertie Institute for Clincal Brain Research, Dept. of Cellular NeurologyTübingenMicroscopy Research Group
IBiOsIntegrated Bioimaging Facility OsnabrückOsnabrückCanonical Facility
ICCEImaging Centre Campus Essen (ICCE), University of Duisburg-EssenEssenCanonical Facility
IMCESImaging Center EssenEssenCanonical Facility
Imaging facility MPI for Brain ResearchImaging facility MPI for Brain ResearchFrankfurt am MainCanonical Facility
LICLife Imaging Center in ZBSAFreiburgCanonical Facility
LIN MagdeburgLeibniz Institute for NeurobiologyMagdeburgCanonical Facility
LMF - DZNE BonnLight Microscope Facility at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases BonnBonnCanonical Facility
MPI for Biology of AgeingFACS & Imaging - Max Planck Institute for Biology of AgeingCologneCanonical Facility
MPI for Developmental BiologyMPI for Developmental BiologyTübingenCanonical Facility
MPI for Experimental Medicine Light Microscopy FacilityMPI-EM Light Microscopy FacilityGöttingenResearch Group and Facility
MPI for Heart and Lung ResearchImaging Facility of the MPI for Heart and Lung ResearchBad NauheimCanonical Facility
MPI of NeurobiologyMax Planck Institute of NeurobiologyMartinsriedCanonical Facility
MPI-ImmunobiologyMax Planck Institute for Immunobiology and EpigeneticsFreiburgCanonical Facility
Multiphoton Microscope Core Facility LMUMultiphoton Microscope Core Facility, Walter-Brendel-Zentrum, LMUMünchenCanonical Facility
NIC HeidelbergUniversity of HeidelbergHeidelbergCanonical Facility
Research Core Unit for Laser MicroscopyResearch Core Unit for Laser MicroscopyHannoverCanonical Facility
UMIF HamburgUKE Microscopic Imaging FacilityHamburgCanonical Facility
Universität UlmCore Facility Konfokale und Multiphotonen MikroskopieUlmResearch Group and Facility
Zelluläre BildgebungZelluläre BildgebungMarburgCanonical Facility