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German BioImaging is a network of German microscopists and imaging specialists. It was initiated in 2010 with the aim of fostering interaction and exchange of information within the German bioimaging community. Every summer, the GerBI Annual Community Meeting takes place.

A short overview about German BioImaging can be found in our Flyer in both English and German lanuage and in an article published in Imaging & Microscopy.

The coordinators of German BioImaging are Elisa May (Bioimaging Center of the University of Konstanz) and Roland Nitschke (Life Imaging Center at the University of Freiburg), who also acts as Industry Coordinator.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Facility Directors or the GerBI Project Manager (see below for details).

German BioImaging Coordinators, Steering Committee, and Project Manager at the last Steering Committee Meeting in January 2015.

Coordinators of German BioImaging

Elisa May

Prof. Dr. Elisa May
Position: Imaging Facility Director (BIC)

Roland Nitschke

Dr. Roland Nitschke
Position: Imaging Facility Director (LIC)

Office: +49 761 2032934

Project Manager of German BioImaging

Nadine Utz

Dr. Nadine Utz
Position: Project Manager (German BioImaging)

Office: +49 7531 885337

Steering Committee of German BioImaging

The Steering Committee meets regularly. Minutes are published in the News section on Main page.

Anje Sporbert

Dr. Anje Sporbert
Position: Imaging Facility Director (MCF-MDC_Berlin)

Jan Peychl

Dr. Jan Peychl
Position: Imaging Facility Director (MPI-CBG LMF)

Office: +49-351-210-2502

Stefan Terjung

Dr. Stefan Terjung
Position: Core Facility Staff (EMBL-ALMF)